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3 Crucial Features to Include in In-Room Entertainment Devices for Aged Care Facilities

Providing in-room entertainment services to hospitality establishments such as hotels is quite different from what a provider would offer occupants in an aged care facility. The reason is that clients in these establishments differ not only in the content but also in their ability to operate and use in-house entertainment devices. Therefore, if you are catering to the former clients but want to venture in aged care facilities, then you have to tailor the accessories for the new clientele. There is no need to offer entertainment packages for the elderly if they cannot operate the equipment with ease. This article highlights critical features to include in in-house entertainment devices for aged care homes. 

1. Wireless Headphones -- Although some in-room entertainment devices designed for hotels come with headphones, and guests rarely put them to use. As such, entertainment providers opt-out of supplying headphones and only offer them upon request. However, a request is the last thing you should wait for regarding the provision of the necessary entertainment devices to aged care facilities. As people age, their hearing deteriorates, and that is why most senior citizens need hearing aids. Therefore, it is possible that most aged persons will struggle to hear the sounds from an entertainment system and might be forced to increase the volume. While increasing the volume helps, you can imagine what an aged care facility would sound like if every occupant played their favourite movie or song full blast. Providing wireless headphones, therefore, helps clients to enjoy their favourite content without disturbing the other occupants. 

2. Language Options -- Unlike hotels where guests stay for a few weeks and then leave, aged loved ones remain in aged care facilities for the remainder of their lives. If the facility accepts clients from different cultural backgrounds, then it is highly likely that some do not speak English. Therefore, providing entrainment packages that have language options for the elderly to choose from is vital. Such a feature can be placed as a button on the remote control where the user can click to switch to their preferred language. Providing in-room entertainment devices with the capability to support a multi-cultural aged care facility ensures that everyone enjoys their alone time in their rooms. 

3. Easy to Operate Remote Controls -- Modern remote controls can be used to operate both the television and music system. It is no wonder that such remote controls have so many buttons. If you provide this kind of remote control as part of your in-room entertainment service to an aged care facility, then you are asking for trouble. The fact that there are so many unnecessary buttons that the old clients do not use is enough to discourage the use of an entertainment system. The best remote controls for this niche should be simple and straightforward. For instance, a basic remote control features a volume button, channel number buttons, ON/OFF button and most importantly bold, easy-to-read text.

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